Danny Kanell did not hold back in his assessment of the initial rankings for the College Football Playoff.

The initial rankings were unveiled Tuesday evening on ESPN with Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Ohio State rounding out the top four. There was a heavy dose of SEC flavor throughout with Texas A&M and Florida at No. 5 and No. 6, respectively.

However, one of the big shockers was the Georgia Bulldogs landing in the top 10. For some reason, the Committee felt enough of the two-loss Bulldogs to put them at No. 9 on the rankings. That was just one spot behind undefeated Northwestern and three spots ahead of one-loss Indiana.

That No. 9 ranking with two losses is where Kanell lost it, calling out a “blind love affair” with the SEC on behalf of the Committee:

“To come in at nine is an absolute joke and it shows you the love affair the Committee has with the SEC,” explained Kanell, “Which is okay some years, but this year Georgia’s supposedly dominant defense was shredded by both Alabama and the Florida Gators, so where is this dominant defense coming from?

“They have one win which is okay against an Auburn team which came way back in Week 2…it is ridiculous. The only thing they could possibly say is it is brand recognition and an utmost blind love affair with the SEC.”

Here are Kanell’s full comments from CBS Sports HQ: