Four months ago, Golden Nugget released its early B1G Championship odds.

What have we learned in the four months since those early odds came out? Not much, but Bovada released its own odds for the B1G Championship on Friday, and there were some noticeable differences.

Here’s were Bovada’s 2017 B1G Championship odds:

  • Ohio State — 5/6
  • Wisconsin — 15/4
  • Michigan — 11/2
  • Penn State — 11/2
  • Nebraska — 16/1
  • Northwestern — 16/1
  • Iowa — 20/1
  • Minnesota — 33/1
  • Michigan State — 50/1
  • Indiana — 100/1
  • Maryland — 100/1
  • Illinois — 200/1
  • Purdue — 200/1
  • Rutgers — 500/1

Not incredibly surprising, Ohio State was the favorite. What was surprising was how big of a favorite the Buckeyes were after missing Indianapolis each of the last two years. They also play in arguably the toughest division in all of college football.

Penn State, the reigning B1G champ, has 5.5/1 odds to repeat while Wisconsin has nearly 4/1 odds despite being the clear favorite to win the West. Those were pretty similar to the 5/1 and 6/1 odds they got from Golden Nugget.

One of the biggest differences between Bovada’s odds and Golden Nugget’s odds was Michigan State. That was before the Spartans kicked three former four-star recruits off the team for a sexual assault charge.

Long shots like Indiana, Illinois, Maryland and Purdue saw their odds jump from 100/1 to 150/1 or 150/1 to 200/1. Technically, the biggest difference in odds was Rutgers, which was given a 200/1 shot to win the B1G by Golden Nugget.

So if you’re betting $5 on Rutgers to win the conference title, do it with Bovada.