It’s almost here.

We’re in mid-August and later this month, the 2019 regular season begins. Brett McMurphy, who works at Stadium, is an AP top 25 voter.

He gets a ballot and fills in his top 25 each week. The AP gets a bunch of ballots each week and then has a system that churns out a top 25. The first AP Poll this season will drop at noon ET on Aug. 19.

As a little bit of a sneak peak of what could be coming from the official AP Poll, here’s McMurphy’s B1G team that made the top 25:

5. Michigan

6. Ohio State

15. Penn State

17. Michigan State

20. Wisconsin

22. Nebraska

23. Northwestern

That makes seven B1G teams in McMurphy’s top 25. Clemson comes in at No. 1, while Georgia is No. 2, Alabama is No. 3 and Oklahoma is No. 4.

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McMurphy’s full ballot can be seen here.