Remember back when we have the BCS system in college football?

Boy, was that a treat. At the end of the the year, two teams were chosen based on what was essentially their total score thanks to computers. Those two would then play it out in a championship game, determining a winner.

We have since expanded on that, of course, as now we have a College Football Playoff, featuring 4 teams. Alongside the playoff are the playoff committee’s rankings, which start toward the end of October each year.

So far, we have had 2 installments of the rankings for the 2018 season and they will continue until Dec. 2. But before the College Football Playoff committee releases its rankings each year, the Associated Press comes up with its Top 25, which is what we all typically go by.

Which system is best?

Well, of course the College Football Playoff executive director believes his system reigns supreme:

Bill Hancock, the executive director, sees this as the best way to rank teams.  After all, this isn’t your granddaddy’s Associated Press rankings.

The latest rankings can be seen here.