It was 6-3. Harvard was beating Dartmouth.

Dartmouth, by the way, was undefeated at 6-0 and ranked No. 14 in the country among FCS teams. Harvard, at 4-2, was looking to pull the upset and its defense had done its job up until the final play of the game.

Then, that final play happened and Dartmouth’s Hail Mary was unleashed.

Take a look at how Harvard allowed the game’s only touchdown:

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Now, the camera work wasn’t perfect here. But, the drama, the quarterback’s elusiveness to break away from tacklers and the catch made this play what it was: special.

Shouldn’t Harvard have been smarter about defending this play? Sorry, it had to be said.

To win a game on a Hail Mary is always awesome to watch. But it’s especially awesome when one team is undefeated and neither team had been able to reach the end-zone up until that point.

That just makes it even better.