The College Football Playoff expansion has been a hot topic the last few years.

More and more fans and media have been wanting the format to expand to 8 or even 12 teams and those talks have continued with the CFP management committee.

The group met Wednesday to discuss expansion, but exited those talks without any resolution on the topic. Several key problems are holding up the discussion. Chief among them: how to handle the selection of teams.

Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson confirmed to the media that there’s still a difference of opinion on how to do automatic qualifiers.

He also touched on the fact that the 8-team playoff format is still alive and that the committee has started to trim down the list of formats.

After Thomspon spoke, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was up next. He said he’s against 8 teams with automatic qualifiers for Power 5 champions.

Sankey has been against the 8 teams since the talks started over the summer so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. He also wishes that he could’ve made a decision, but knows talks are needed.

This will continue to be a hot topic until an agreement is in place that all of the commissioners like.