Jalen Kitna who has been charged and arrested for 5 child pornography charges has now been dismissed from the Florida Gator’s team. This Thursday, Kitna posted an $80,000 bond on the agreement reached to not to have any access to the internet.

The 19 year old will travel back home to Texas under the supervision of his parents including his father, a former NFL quarterback. The Gainesville Police Department released the report this week which covered some of the disturbing details about the investigation including the image that sparked everything.

Kitna allegedly utilized the messaging system Discord to distribute the illegal material. Discord reportedly deactivated his account due to the violation of terms of service in accordance with their “no tolerance policy” concerning child abuse.

Gainesville attorney Ron Kozlowski as well as Hank Coxe will represent Kitna during the trial process. Both have a history of representing high-profile athletes.

The investigation began after a tip was sent in to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which led them to Kitna.