Oh boy. This will get Ohio State and Michigan fans talking.

And, not in a loving way of course.

In more of a hateful way. After all, that’s what the rivalry is. It’s hatred for one another.

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Earlier this week, former Ohio State star defensive end — and current Los Angeles Chargers pass-rusher — Joey Bosa appeared on Rich Eisen’s radio show. Eisen, by the way, is a Michigan alum.

The two were talking about Halloween and Eisen pitched the idea to Bosa that he should wear a costume of Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh.

Bosa wasn’t a fan of that thought:

“Wear a big ‘L’ on my head,” Bosa said to Eisen, who then joked he’s a letter off, obviously suggesting he wear a Block M.

Bosa again wouldn’t bite on Eisen’s suggestion.

“That might be at the bottom of the barrel of ideas,” he told Eisen.


Again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. These schools hate each other.

And even when a star Buckeye moves onto the professional ranks and settles down out in Los Angeles, one thing never changes: The absolute hate for Michigan.