Fox college football analyst Joel Klatt has released his rankings of the top-10 teams in college football after Week 2 of B1G football action.

With a dominant victory over Penn State in College Station, Ohio State joined Clemson and Alabama in a tie for Klatt’s No.1 spot on the rankings. In a bit of a twist, Klatt has three No. 1’s, and he explained why he went with a three-way tie on Thursday:

“For me, the top three teams, I’ve got all as number one; it’s Clemson, it’s Alabama, it’s Ohio State,” according to Klatt.  These three teams are clearly the class of the country.

“We saw that with Ohio State clearly handling Penn State in what will be their most difficult game in the Big Ten. These three teams are just that good.”

Klatt also had Wisconsin at No. 10 on his list, but the Badgers were the only team on the top 10 to have just one game played so far. That number will not change this week with Wisconsin canceling Saturday’s game against Purdue.

Last week’s rankings included a pair of B1G teams, but Michigan fell from grace after a disappointing loss to Michigan State.