Joel Klatt was not having any part of this ridiculous comparison.

During a recent FOX College Football segment, Klatt took time to discuss one comment that a fan sent in on Twitter. The commenter made a claim that the ACC and B1G were essentially the same conferences in terms of makeup. Much like Clemson is light years ahead of a lackluster conference, the fan said the B1G is similar with Ohio State “miles ahead of a bunch of crappy teams.”

Klatt’s not buying that comparison. In fact, he went on an awesome rant dismantling the claim that the two conferences are similar:

“That’s like fighting words,” exclaimed Klatt. “If you think that the ACC and B1G are comparable, you are SORELY mistaken. The last time I checked it wasn’t the B1G that allowed Kansas to win a Power 5 road game for the first time in, I don’t know, ever?!”

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He didn’t stop there, going so far as to list the teams in the B1G that would beat everyone but Clemson in the ACC:

“Clemson’s the only quality team, and right now I don’t even know how quality Clemson is,” said Klatt. “That’s six teams that are better than all but one of the teams in the ACC.”

You can check out the entire segment below: