The initial rankings for the College Football Playoff left many fans confused, and FOX analyst Joel Klatt used one of his segments to discuss where the Committee went wrong.

From an undefeated BYU team at No. 14 to a two-loss Georgia team at No. 9, there were more questions than answers Tuesday. That also included a one-loss Clemson team ahead of Ohio State at No. 3.

When it comes to the task of ranking teams, Klatt admitted the process is incredibly difficult with a number of issues facing the Committee. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the Committee sometimes makes excuses for some teams as opposed to making an argument for a team:

“Every year, we hammer away on playoff rankings and what the Committee does, but the committee is charged with a really difficult task,” said Klatt. “They’re trying to rank teams with no set criteria…I gotta tell ya, it’s frustrating to watch them rank teams without criteria because at times it doesn’t feel like reasons it feels like excuses why one team is above another.”

Along the way, Klatt mentioned that one of his biggest issues, other than BYU’s low ranking, was the fact that Ohio State came in behind Clemson:

“Then I think maybe the more egregious or most egregious, outside of maybe BYU, is the fact that they put Clemson over Ohio State.,” Klatt explained. “I mean, I get it. Ohio State didn’t look like themselves, their defensive metrics don’t look like themselves, but they are 4-0 and they did beat a top 10 team. They were up 35-7 at one point against that top 10 team.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Klatt went ahead and labeled the rankings that were put out as just wrong:

“Listen, Committee, you have to do better than this. I understand your job is hard, but you have to do better than this,” said Klatt. “These rankings that were given to us were just wrong, they’re just flat wrong.”

Here are Klatt’s comments: