FOX Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt delivered his annual “why preseason polls stink” speech while appearing on the Big Ten Network on Wednesday. However, Klatt gave it in an even more epic rant than usual, calling the preseason ranking “a sham.”

Klatt was most upset about the fact Wisconsin and Penn State still have yet to crack the Top 5 in the AP Poll. Both teams are undefeated and, in Klatt’s mind, have arguably looked better than Clemson and Alabama.

“What do they have to do?” Klatt asked in reference to Wisconsin and Penn State getting more respect. “I’m not sure. Wisconsin’s the best defense I’ve seen, by far, out there. Four shutouts. That’s the most in a season since 1967.

“Meanwhile, Penn State’s out there. They’re third in the country in scoring differential right now, and No. 2 in defense. Their offense got it done when they needed it most in a tough environment in Kinnick Stadium. Yet the burden of proof is on them to enter that top three in the country. That’s why this whole thing is just a sham; these preseason rankings and the framework it provides.”

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Klatt’s point is well taken. In a perfect world, there would be only one poll — the College Football Playoff rankings — and it would only come out the last week of the season. But then a lot of us media people wouldn’t have anything to talk about, and besides, our world wouldn’t be complete without epic rants from Klatt every year.

At the end of the day, though, Wisconsin and Penn State have plenty of season left to prove they belong in the Top 5. We get this upset every October about rankings, but things general tend to work themselves out by Thanksgiving.

Still, watch Klatt’s rant in all of its glory below: