Cheez-It is getting another piece of the bowl season action and will be the new naming sponsor for a key bowl game between B1G and SEC teams.

Tuesday morning, the Citrus Bowl announced that Cheez-It will be the new sponsor, officially unveiling the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl for this year’s Bowl Season. A new logo was also unveiled, featuring the historical fruit tree with the name positioned on top of a Cheez-It square.

The Citrus Bowl was most recently sponsored by Vrbo from 2019-22.

โ€œCollege football fans know thatย Cheez-Itย is a go-to watch party snack, and our currentย Cheez-Itย Bowl sponsorship has helped solidify the brand as a staple in the postseason,โ€ said Erin Storm, senior director of marketing forย Cheez-It. โ€œWeโ€™re thrilled to continue our partnership with Florida Citrus Sports and bring the cheese-infused action to theย Cheez-Itย Citrus Bowl through next-level experiences for college football fans everywhere. We canโ€™t wait to show fans how weโ€™re bringing them into the fold for the cheesiest bowl games yet.โ€

In the most recent bowl projections from CBS Sports expert Jerry Palm, Penn State is expected to land in the Citrus Bowl opposite Ole Miss. Brett McMurphy is also projecting Ole Miss in the Citrus Bowl but has Illinois opposite Ole Miss in his projections.

In addition to naming the Citrus Bowl, the brand will still operate the Cheez-It Bowl, giving it two Orlando-based games in the postseason.