This is not a good look for Mississippi State and wide receiver Malik Heath.

Immediately following the Armed Forces Bowl win by the Bulldogs, Mississippi State and Tulsa engaged in an ugly brawl on the field. During the scrum, Heath can be seen kicking a Tulsa player in the head before running away.

Heath was seen on video, which he later bragged about in the locker room, throwing down and then kicking a Tulsa player on the Tulsa sideline, then running away. During his Instagram narration, Heath can be heard saying “Watch how I slam his ass.”

This is obviously not a good look at all for Heath. At this point, one has to wonder what the potential repercussions could be for the MSU wide receiver.

After the game, Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach continually labeled the brawl as “dumb,” but it remains unclear what started the action.