Most rivalries are — by their very nature — competitive. But that’s not a guarantee. Sometimes, it’s pretty darn uneven.

And on a game-by-game basis in the Ohio State vs. Michigan series, there have certainly been those times. Michigan opened the series with a 12-0-1 run, and 4 of the 10 biggest blowouts listed below are from that early stretch.

Here’s the rundown of the 10 biggest blowouts of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, in order.

1.1902 Michigan 86-0

The good news for OSU? On the way home, after the 86-point beatdown, Ohio State freshman Fred Cornell wrote “Carmen Ohio,” the official school song. Cornell was part of the beaten OSU football squad, so maybe he figured it was time to do something productive that day.

The other good news for OSU? It could have been worse. Fielding Yost’s “Point a Minute” squad outscored foes 644-12 in going 11-0 that year, including a 119-0 win over Michigan Agricultural (later known as Michigan State) and a 107-0 win over Iowa.

2. 1946 Michigan 58-6

Astonishingly, this game was in Columbus. Michigan passed for 300 yards and rushed for 209, and Ohio State needed a 77-yard pass in the final minute to avoid a shutout. It was a 6-1-1 Michigan team over a 4-3-2 Ohio State team, so there was really no indication of the historic beatdown that was forthcoming in this game.

Still, new Buckeyes coach Paul Bixler was one-and-done after this game.

3. 1940 Michigan 40-0

This game tied for the worst Ohio State loss since the 1902 game against Michigan. Michigan’s Tom Harmon rushed for 3 touchdowns, threw for 2 more, and kicked 4 extra points. Michigan outgained Ohio State 447-115 in this game. And Buckeyes coach Francis Schmidt, despite having won the 1939 Big Ten title, was forced to resign after the game.

Michigan was 7-1 that year and missed the national title due to a 1-point loss to No. 1 Minnesota. Ohio State went 4-4.

4. 1905 Michigan 40-0

The bad news for Ohio State? They were another Michigan victim under one of Yost’s nearly perfect teams. Not only did Michigan open the season 12-0, but it outscored opponents 495-0. This win was highlighted by a 105-yard return of a missed drop kick. Touchdowns counted for 5 points and field goals counted for 4. The halves were 35 minutes long.

The good news for OSU? Michigan ended the season with a 2-0 loss to Chicago in what was then called the “Game of the Century.”

5. 1943 Michigan 45-7

This was a competitive game much of the way, with Ohio State blocking a punt and scoring early in the 3rd quarter to trim Michigan’s edge to 13-7 at that point. But Michigan rushed for 436 yards and blew the game open late. Michigan finished the year 8-1 and ranked No. 3, losing only to Notre Dame, while Ohio State, under coach Paul Brown, finished 3-6.

6. 1935 Ohio State 38-0

Yes, Buckeye fans, there are Ohio State wins in this list — in fact, 3 more after this one. Ohio State dropped the worst loss in the series for Michigan on the Wolverines in their own stadium, holding Michigan to 85 total yards. By winning the game, Ohio State finished the year 8-1 and tied with Minnesota for the Big Ten title, finishing No. 5 in the nation. Michigan, on the other hand, finished up 4-4.

7. 1968 Ohio State 50-14

For OSU fans, it’s The Game. On the way to a perfect season and national title, Ohio State curb-stomped Michigan. It’s the famous game in which Woody Hayes went for 2 on the last touchdown and when asked about the decision supposedly said he did so because he couldn’t go for 3.

This one cost Wolverines coach Bump Elliott his job, demonstrating that firing losing coaches after these games was certainly not a one-way street.

8. 2008 Ohio State 42-7

This was Rich Rodriguez’s welcome to the series, and probably demonstrates how his tenure at Michigan went overall. By winning, Ohio State won at least a share of the B1G title for the 4th season in a row. Meanwhile, Michigan slid to 3-8, its most losses ever in a season.

Current OSU receivers coach Brian Hartline caught a pair of touchdowns in the game, as OSU won its 5th in a row over the Wolverines.

9. 1903 Michigan 36-0

This was another in the series of early Michigan wins, as a Yost team that went 11-0-1 and gave up 6 points all year prevailed. This was a 36-0 game at halftime and the teams played a 25-minute second half. Michigan went on to a national championship.

10. (tie) 1897 Michigan 34-0

This was the first game in the series. The halves were 20 and 15 minutes long and the week before, Michigan played to a 0-0 tie against Ohio Wesleyan, perhaps most famous as the alma mater of baseball legend Branch Rickey. Ohio State went 1-7-1 that year, winning over Ohio Medical 6-0 in its opener.

10. (tie) 1934 Ohio State 34-0

A 7-1 Ohio State team that took its only loss to Illinois by 1 point overwhelmed a 1-7 Michigan team. This was Francis Schmidt’s first OSU team, making him a coach who inflicted 2 beatdowns on this list and was forced to resign after losing another one.

Michigan managed only 40 total yards in this one. One of the highlights of a terrible Michigan season? The play of team MVP and center Gerald Ford, later the 38th president of the United States.