The ACC is expected to take a big step in terms of the fall sports calendar in the near future. According to multiple reports, the league is likely to prohibit any athletic competitions scheduled before September.

Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic was one of several media personalities to tweet out the news that the ACC is expected to announce that it will not permit athletic teams to participate in competitions before Sept. 1, 2020. That would include games and exhibitions.

Practices, however, will be allowed to continue in August.

Auerbach states that it will affect sports such as soccer, field hockey and others. However, there are no ACC football games on the schedule for Week 0 (Saturday, Aug. 29), so, for now, that sport would not be impacted.

No decision has yet been made on the college football season. However, there appears to be an increasing belief that the season will at least be delayed. According to a survey from Stadium, nearly 75 percent of athletic directors think the season will endure some sort of delay.

Seven percent believe the season won’t be played at all.

Decisions on the college football season are expected to be made by late July.