The conversation continues. Should the B1G keep divisions? Or should the league follow the Pac-12 and Mountain West and scrap the idea and put the two teams with the highest conference winning percentages into the championship game?

Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller said on Monday he expects to see changes coming to the B1G in this regard, per Matt Charboneau of The Detroit News. That could mean reshuffling of the divisions or scrapping them entirely.

After learning of Haller’s comments, FOX produced a graphic showing what the B1G Championship Game matchups would’ve looked like if there were no divisions.

Either way, Ohio State is featured quite a bit:

The one concern with this approach would be Ohio State and Michigan — or other rivals — playing in consecutive weekends to end the season. Would that take away part of the charm that makes college football so special?

No announcement has come from the B1G yet, but it sounds like change is coming. It’ll be interesting to see how the league decides to move forward.