The B1G has already taken a big step towards altering the college football season. On Thursday, Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic reported that the conference is expected to announce a league-only schedule for 2020.

That, alone, is a major change.

One of the other ideas that has been batted around is moving the season to the spring. While it’s been considered a last-resort option for college football, it’s getting more play now due to recent spikes in COVID-19 cases.

Former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer doesn’t think it will happen, though. In terms of player safety, it’s just too risky.

“When you play a long season and when you get to spring practice,” Meyer said on Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff. “When you play 2,000 competitive reps, your body is not ready for contact in three months or two months. It’s not. I would not put those players in harm’s way.

“You talk about student-athlete welfare,” Meyer continued, “no chance. You’re not doing that.”

The idea of playing the 2020 season in the spring and holding the 2021 campaign in the fall would be incredibly dangerous in terms of player safety. Plus, Meyer says some of the top prospects are unlikely to play if that’s the case.

With a spring season interfering with the NFL Scouting Combine, pro days and NFL Draft, it’s unlikely some of the best players would suit up.

“If I’m Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields or [Chris] Olave, some of these high, high draft picks, I’m not playing,” Meyer said. “I’m getting to go make some money and go earn a living and support my family.”

You can view the full interaction from Big Noon Kickoff below: