Huge news broke on Saturday night as Indianapolis Colts franchise quarterback Andrew Luck announced his retirement from the NFL. A slew of serious injuries had taken a serious toll on his mind and his body.

The news on Luck broke while he was standing on the sideline during the Colts’ preseason matchup against the Chicago Bears on Saturday night. He opted to leave the field early once the announcement was made, and was surrounded as he headed to the tunnel.

Unfortunately, Colts fans couldn’t hold back. As Luck headed back to the locker room, he was sent off with overwhelming boos that echoed throughout Lucas Oil Stadium.

It’s understandable why fans were upset about the news, but considering all Luck has been through in an attempt to get back to the field, it was a fairly ridiculous response from Colts fans. Below is the video of Luck’s departure from the field and the loud boos from the crowd:

Following the preseason game, Luck made his retirement announcement official in a press conference.

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Luck, 29, was the former No. 1 overall pick of 2012 NFL Draft. he replaced former franchise quarterback Peyton Manning, and showed major upside when he first got to the league.

Unfortunately for Luck, a series of nagging injuries prevented him from reaching his full potential in the professional ranks. Still, he leaves the league as a four-time Pro Bowler, the 2018 Comeback Player of the Year and was the NFL passing touchdowns leader in 2014.