College football has returned in all its glory. Saturday night’s late-night showdown between Arizona and Hawai’i delivered everything we wanted to see in the return of the best sport on earth.

You know, everything Florida-Miami wasn’t.

Saturday night, Arizona and Hawai’i put up a lot of points, had several big plays and kept us up all night until the final seconds. Even then, the Wildcats and Warriors provided some edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

On the final play of the game, trailing 45-38, Arizona quarterback Khalil Tate failed to find an open receiver in an attempt to launch the ball downfield. So, instead, he took off from the 31-yard line and attempt to run into the end zone.

He made it 30 yards before a Hawai’i defender brought him to the ground to end the game. It was quite the finish for the first week of the college football season. Below is the video of that final play:

It’s hard to believe Tate came that close to the end zone on a run from 31 yards out. The Warriors had the ultimate bend-but-don’t-break moment, I guess.

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The wild world of college football is finally back. And it’s already in midseason form.