Brad Underwood was not thrilled after Illinois’ loss to Penn State, and he did not try to hide it.

During his postgame press conference, Underwood hammered his team for a lack of discipline, effort and leadership. He was even directly asked about one player’s leadership with Underwood responding in an unfavorable fashion.

According to reporter Jeremy Werner, he personally asked Underwood about the leadership of Terrance Shannon Jr., the transfer from Texas Tech. Underwood has previously been positive about Shannon’s impact.

As for Underwood’s response on Saturday following Saturday’s loss? Well, you just need to see — or hear — to understand:

Underwood may need an interpreter for that one, but we’re going to go with “not good” at this point. Shannon was limited to 4 points with 3 turnovers on 2-for-7 shooting in the loss to Penn State, but he was far from the only disappointment in the game.

Illinois will look to regroup and rebound after the unexpected loss at home.