Dick Butkus was one of the best to ever do it.

Butkus played at Illinois and then got drafted No. 3 overall by the Chicago Bears in the 1965 NFL Draft. He even finished third in Heisman Trophy voting in 1964.

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Butkus knows football and when he first arrived at Illinois, he knew the team wasn’t very good. But, he gave it his all and so did the team. The team fought and while it may have lost more than it won, the other team went on knowing who Illinois was.

On Friday, Illinois commemorated the great with a 12-foot tall statue. He talked about numerous topics with the media.

Below (in the first video), Butkus describes what the current state of Illinois football is when compared to when he played.

Note: There are expletives in the video

In the second video, there is more from Butkus, talking about current Fighting Illini players that stand out. Again, there are expletives used: