Walt Bell made quite the impression as Indiana’s offensive coordinator by having an incredible mustache at the start of the season. Unfortunately he decided to shave it off entering Week 8.

Bell decided to do it because the men in his family have been known to have excellent mustaches in the past. Seeing him without the mustache is probably going to throw some Indiana fans off.

Surprisingly this was the first time that he had grown out his mustache. One of the reasons he shaved it was because of how much stuff would get in it. Bell had no idea how his dad was able to have one for so long.

Maybe the mustache was more of a curse than a blessing. Indiana has lost four in a row after starting off the season on a three-game win streak.

Could shaving the mustache break the curse and help Indiana get a win in Week 8? We’ll see as the Hoosiers face Rutgers on Saturday.