Dane Fife is out in Bloomington after just one season on Mike Woodson’s Indiana basketball staff.

A former player for the Hoosiers, Fife joined Indiana as a part of Woodson’s inaugural staff at Indiana. Fife previously spent a decade on Tom Izzo’s Michigan State staff.

On Wednesday, Woodson confirmed Fife would not be returning to Indiana for next season. Among other things, Woodson cited “a change is necessary” in terms of fit within the coaching staff.

Fife eventually released a statement of his own on Twitter.

“I love IU with every part of my soul and grateful to those that gave me this opportunity,” wrote Fife via Twitter. “Most importantly, I’m honored to have worked with the players on our team…I became an Indiana Hoosier 25 years ago. I’m a Hoosier today… And I’ll be a Hoosier tomorrow.”

It will be interesting to see where Fife winds up in the future. For now, Woodson will look to replace one piece of his coaching staff for 2022-23 and beyond.