Indiana and Michigan State are in a dog fight.

The Spartans were supposed to win fairly comfortably according to Vegas. However, upsets do happen. That’s one of the best parts about sports. The games have to actually take place.

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And in the fourth quarter, Indiana trailed Michigan State 21-17. The Hoosiers were faced with a third-and-nine on the Spartans’ 12-yard-line and quarterback Michael Penix threw a nice ball to wide receiver Donavan Hale in the end zone.

What Hale did on the play is what was special, though:

Hale had his left arm being held by the defender. There was no question about that. So what did he do?

Well, he just had to snag the ball with his right. And with that TD, Indiana took a 24-21 lead on the road against Michigan State.

The game can be found on BTN.