The Big Ten basketball season is already a crazy one. Teams have only played four or five conference games to this point and one could make the argument that there are 12 legitimate teams contending for a spot in the NCAA Tournament at the end of the season.

March Madness will truly be madness.

If not because of the B1G teams involved — or trying to eventually get involved — it is because of plays like we saw on Saturday. One play that many may have never seen before involved Indiana’s Trayce Jackson-Davis faking a charge to then help block a shot against Ohio State.

Take a look at this, because you have to see it to understand what happened:

Jackson-Davis made the Buckeye pull up short on the shot as opposed to driving it to the hoop because of his obvious attempt at attempting to take a charge. This play by the Ohio State shooter made sense. That’s what you probably should do in this situation.

But, Jackson-Davis is an incredible athlete. And, he showed it on this play when he fooled the Buckeye to take a jumper only to swat it and give the Hoosiers the ball in transition.

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Indiana ended up beating Ohio State — on the Hoosiers’ home court of course — 66-54.