There was bound to be a lot of talk regarding the teams outside the top four in the College Football Playoff’s initial rankings.

That included the Indiana Hoosiers, who are 4-1 (their only loss is to Ohio State) and were No. 12 on the first rankings of the season.

David Pollack spoke about the Hoosiers during Tuesday’s CFP reveal show on ESPN and why he thinks they deserved a bit better with these rankings:

“If we look at the rankings, I’ve got one more little gripe, If I’m Indiana, does anyone have a problem with where they were ranked? They barely lose to Ohio State, right? You could argue they gave it away in a lot of situations and could have been better,” said Pollack. “They’re well behind a team like Georgia that got beat handily twice. So, Indiana’s another team I look at that I could play the disrespect card for them.”

Indiana still has plenty of time to move up in the rankings, especially with their schedule. They have Maryland this coming week, then a date with No. 18 Wisconsin, and then they close out their season with Purdue.

A 7-1 finish is very possible for them which would likely mean being in the top 10 for future rankings.