After Saturday’s game against Indiana, a few Michigan players had little trouble addressing Indiana’s style of play, accusing the Hoosiers of taking cheap shots and playing dirty.

But IU might not have been the lone suspect in the game. A video posted to Twitter appears to show Michigan star Chase Winovich taking a cheap shot of his own.

Winovich exited Saturday’s game after taking a dirty hit from an Indiana offensive lineman while on the ground. The Michigan senior walked straight back to the locker room and never returned to the field. It was just one of the hits that his Wolverine teammates described as a “cheap shot.”

Earlier in the game, though, Winovich appears to intentionally step on the leg of an Indiana offensive lineman. There’s really no other way to describe it.

See for yourself.

Obviously, it’s impossible to know intentions, but that seemed to be a pretty purposeful step from Winovich. So maybe Michigan wasn’t so innocent in the whole thing.

Later, the Hoosiers retaliated.

Here’s the video of the lineman taking a cheap shot at Winovich later in the game.

The chippiness continued, resulting in a very scary moment for running back Berkley Edwards, who had to be carted off the field after being blindsided on a punt return. He was one the ground for several minutes in one of the more frightening instances of college football this season.

It should’ve never resorted to that style of play.