Coach football fans have gotten creative with Cameo trolling. Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery has now issued a statement on his Cameo video that has gone viral.

Cameo is a service that allows people to pay for video messages from celebrities. It’s often used for celebratory occasions, like having a celebrity tape a “happy birthday” message to a big fan.

Some fans decided to troll embattled Iowa OC Brian Ferentz with the service. On Monday night, videos of Cameo messages produced by Bob Stoops and Fran McCaffery to “Brian” went viral on social media. McCaffery’s message (below) references a potential move back to New England for Ferentz, who was on the Patriots’ staff from 2008-to-2011.

Chad Leistikow, an Iowa sports columnist, shared a statement from McCaffery, who says he would never disparage any Hawkeye program: