The Cy-Hawk game on Sept. 14 took place and resulted in an 18-17 Iowa win.

After the game, however, reports came out that the Iowa marching band was harassed by numerous Iowa State fans.

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Iowa State is looking into matter more now that the reports have come out, and newly released emails surfaced showing that an Iowa State University facilities head apologized to the Hawkeye Marching Band Director via email after the game.

“I want to apologize for being completely out of character,” said Tim VanLoo, ISU director of facilities and grounds. “The man you saw is not who I am, nor is it the way I want to represent ISU. I let my challenging day effect how I treated you and your band members. Again, I am sorry for the way I acted and treated you.”

Hawkeye Marching Band Director Eric Bush responded the next day:”I appreciate that you took the time to to write, and I appreciate you apologizing,” said Bush. “My reaction was strong, but I assure you it wasn’t personal — just a natural defense of my students and staff.”

More from Bush:

“While this is an important instate rivalry, it seems to have gotten particularly nasty over the past few years (on both sides). All that said, I do accept your apology, and I will relay your apology to our students and staff who were part of the situation.”

Iowa-Iowa State are scheduled to face off again next year on Sept. 12 at Kinnick Stadium.