Iowa dropped a truly dreadful performance against Penn State Saturday night, losing 31-0 to the No. 7 ranked Nittany Lions.

Now, look. The Hawkeyes were facing off against one of the better defenses in the country at home in a white-out environment. They were never in good position to win this game, but they at least could have looked respectable while doing so.

Iowa’s offense ran just 33 plays as opposed to Penn State’s 97 plays. According to The Athletic’s Max Olson, that’s the highest margin between snap counts in opposing teams in the past 5 seasons.


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It also lowers Brian Ferentz’s average score to around 21 points per game this season, under his ultimatum set by Iowa of 25 earlier this year. Certainly, things could be better.

Cade McNamara had a really rough day at the helm of the offense, throwing for just 42 yards with 5 completions on 14 pass attempts. Iowa finished with just 20 rushing yards for a grand total of 76 total yards from scrimmage in Week 4. That’s compared to Penn State’s 397 total accrued yards.

The Hawkeyes will look to bounce back next week as the Hawkeyes take on Michigan State.