Kirk Ferentz is hopeful quarterback Cade McNamara can get healthy moving forward. However, the head coach confirmed Iowa is limited in regard to certain plays with his current injury.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Ferentz cited McNamara’s injury and said it’s no secret the quarterback is limited in his movement. Ferentz even claimed bootlegs and QB sneaks are currently “off the menu” with McNamara’s current status.

It is not often to see a head coach so forthcoming in regard to playcalling, particularly during the week leading up to a rivalry game. Then again, it might be unwise to take Ferentz fully at his word for that specific reason.

If McNamara is that dinged up and the team does need a sneak on short yardage, it’s always possible the Hawkeyes call on Deacon Hill to try and push the pile for a first down. As for an update on McNamara, Ferentz said it’s predictable that the QB is sore at this point of the week.

McNamara himself touched on his injury Tuesday and said he’s working to get as close as he can to 100%. As for what he can do on gameday, the QB said it will entirely determine on how he feels Saturday.