Saturday’s trip to Ames was one to remember!

As far as rivalries go, the game started innocently enough. Iowa took an early 3-0 lead as teams settled into the action.

Unfortunately, a weather delay was issued with lightning in the area halfway through the first quarter. Teams waited it out and returned to action, but that was not the end of the issues. Another, much longer, weather delay forced the teams to sit and wait again.

When it was all said and done, the two teams finished the game under the lights. Though the game was not expected to be a primetime matchup, the game concluded well into the evening with the Hawkeyes escaping with an 18-17 victory.

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During his Sunday evening conversation with Hawkeye Sports, Ferentz praised his squad’s focus and adaptability to the situation. He admitted the delays were tough to work around, but Iowa handled it well and came out on top:

“What we didn’t know is that it would become a nighttime game, which makes it that much harder. The delays threw a monkey wrench in there. The players handled things well, the staff had a good plan, too. The players, their ability to adjust to the variance in times and then with the second one which got a little challenging with the length of the delay (2:06). Guys started getting hungry and all that, so we had managers go out and getting food.

“All in all, everybody handled it well. Luckily we weren’t worn out. Those were three pregame warmups we went through which is unheard of. All that stuff going on, yet the players stayed focused and competed better as the game went on.”

Iowa now gets to enjoy a bye week before returning to action in Week 5. Needless to say, the Hawkeyes earned this off week.