Kirk Ferentz spoke at the podium at Wednesday’s B1G Media Days session. He talked about the recent gambling investigation involving a select number of Iowa student athletes.

Ferentz stated that he hopes the NCAA will eventually reconsider the punishments for those involved. He compared society’s view on gambling to the legalization of marijuana, with how penalties are beginning to change.

“It’s not a large number of players, period,” said Ferentz. “Long story short, I don’t know what the outcome is going to be.”

A total of 26 Iowa student-athletes are a part of the investigation regarding sports gambling.

Baseball, football, men’s basketball, track and field, and wrestling all have players being investigated by the NCAA. There is also a full-time employee within Iowa athletics that is being investigated.

One of the football players, Noah Shannon, was supposed to speak at B1G Media Days. He decided to not attend as he is being investigated by the NCAA. Jay Higgins will be speaking in Shannon’s place.

It looks like Ferentz isn’t afraid to speak his mind about the NCAA investigation.