A snowstorm is wrecking the midwest over Friday night into Saturday morning, setting a very chilly atmosphere for multiple B1G teams this weekend.

In Lincoln, it will be Minnesota and Nebraska squaring off in a contest that has a forecast of 32 degrees and winds above 15 mph at kickoff. The Cornhuskers are also working hard to clear the field of the accumulated snow.

In Iowa City, the Hawkeyes are dealing with the same storm as the team gets prepped for the game against Wisconsin. That kickoff is set for 2:30 pm local time, which is good because it looks like Iowa has a little bit more snow to clear off:

There is still the chance for some snow or rain showers in Iowa City from 12-1 pm. The moisture is expected to move out ahead of kickoff with the 2 pm forecast showing a temperature of 34 degrees with winds around 13 mph.