Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby took a shot at Maryland and Rutgers at a hearing at the Texas State Senate on Monday afternoon.

Bowlsby has been answering questions from state senators regarding Texas and Oklahoma’s decision to bolt for the SEC. He was asked why it seems like this round of realignment has bigger implications than previous versions.

“The difference between this one and any of the others is they’ve come off the top of the food chain,” Bowlsby said. “The others that have moved have typically been the Rutgers and Marylands that were down in the ranks.”

Rutgers and Maryland joined the Big Ten prior to the start of the 2014 season.

While it’s inarguable that those schools don’t bring in as much revenue as Texas and Oklahoma do, it’s surprising to hear a sitting conference commissioner describe other Power 5 programs in that way — especially as he’s concerned about his own program losing Power 5 status.

It’s also an ironic statement to make given that Maryland swept a home-and-home against Texas since moving to the Big Ten. The Terps reminded everyone of that fact last week.

Rutgers likely won’t play a Big 12 team until 2030, when it’s scheduled to play Kansas State. However, there’s no guarantee the Wildcats will still be in the Big 12 by that date (or that the Big 12 will still exist).

Maryland doesn’t currently have any nonconference games scheduled against Big 12 opponents.