Mike Locksley is not only a great coach for Maryland, he’s one of the best when it comes to interacting with the media on a regular basis. That made his halftime interview from Week 5 even funnier as Locksley became a little riled up.

Maryland entered the break with a huge lead against Indiana, but Locksley was far from happy for his interview. That was because the Terrapins ran out the clock inbounds as opposed to setting up a field goal try.

With Locksley’s frustrated demeanor, the sideline reporter asked Locksley for a smile as he left the interview. The head coach obliged but also added an eye roll.


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“I sent Elise (Menaker) a text because I felt — the way it played out was if I was really upset,” said Locksley in a BTN interview about the incident. “I was disappointed we didn’t have a chance to kick a field goal, and I literally, we had just gone over this with Jeshaun (Jones).”

Locksley went on to say he apologized to Menaker in a text and noted the two had discussed being “less angry” on the sideline before the game.

“When Elise, I talked to her earlier in the day about being a little less angry on the sideline. It was a great moment, but I told Elise I was sorry for making her go viral.”

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While it never seemed like Locksley was genuinely upset about the interview, it is still funny to hear his side of the story. We’ll see if he produces any other viral moments this weekend.