Mike Locksley watched as his Maryland squad built a 27-3 halftime lead over Indiana. Still, the head coach was not fully satisfied with the end to the first half.

With less than a minute to go, the Terrapins secured an interception near midfield. Maryland had a few plays to try and get in range for a field goal.

The final play of the first half produced the intended result of a quick completion to Jeshaun Jones, but the wide receiver did not get out of bounds. Instead, he ran all the way down to the 23-yard line but was tackled as the clock ran out.

Locksley referenced that sequence in his halftime interview with Elise Menaker, noting that Jones continuing to run instead of getting out of bounds cost Maryland a field goal try. With Locksley frustrated by that play instead of happy for the lead, Menaker asked for a smile from the head coach.

Locksley obliged but also offered an eye roll as he walked away:

For what it’s worth, Locksley admitted at his weekly press conference that he needs to do a better job of appreciating the positive results while still motivating his team to get better. Maryland might have a large lead over Indiana, but the head coach is clearly trying to get his team to hit the standard with 5-0 on the horizon.