Brady Quinn has heard the chatter from opposing fans clamoring about the allegations of illicit sign stealing directed at Michigan. However, Quinn offered some cautionary remarks to rival fans.

In a recent radio segment, Quinn indicated he believes this type of practice happens at other programs around the country. He did question the methods of Connor Stalions, pointing out he expected someone with Stalions background to be less “sloppy” in his methods.

“There’s other schools and teams that do this, and clearly they’re just maybe better at getting away with it,” said Quinn. “But it feels like, for the background Connor Stalions has, as a very reputable decoder, that he wouldn’t have been so sloppy with how he did. He’s got his name in buying some of these tickets to opposing schools.”

Quinn went on to say the entire investigation “seems really fishy” and specifically referenced Ohio State fans to “be careful.” Quinn cited coaches he’s spoken with that do not want to make public accusations for very good reasons.

“The whole thing seems really fishy, every little piece of it. And I know there are probably Ohio State fans like ‘Ah, it’s Michigan, they cheated!’ It’s like well, be careful,” Quinn explained. “Be careful now because I’m just telling you. A lot of coaches that I’ve talked to don’t want to talk about it or make public accusations for a reason. And anyone that’s out there that is saying this doesn’t go on anywhere else and it just happens in Michigan, they’re lying to you, or they are ignorant to how the game of football is played today at least at the college level.”

As of Tuesday evening, ESPN has reported that Stalions purchased tickets to at least 35 games around the country over the past 3 seasons. Those games now include contests outside of the B1G.