Braylon Edwards made it known what he was feeling about Michigan football this past Saturday.

The Wolverines traveled to face Notre Dame and eventually lost 24-17. Edwards, currently with Big Ten Network and is a former member of the Wolverines, wasn’t happy with how his alma mater was playing.

Here’s Edwards’ initial tweet:

He then deleted the tweet, but was suspended by BTN on Sunday. However, Edwards is still tweeting about Michigan.

The former Wolverines WR did issue an apology, though:

The final sentence in his apology is quite comical. Edwards isn’t shying away from calling Michigan out. He even said, “no apologies there.”

Michigan is now 0-1 in 2018 with 11 games remaining in the regular season. The Wolverines will have a chance to even its record and maybe get on the good side of Edwards this Saturday when the team hosts Western Michigan.