Braylon Edwards refuses to keep quiet.

During Saturday night’s game between No. 14 Michigan and No. 12 Notre Dame, Edwards fired off a tweet calling the Wolverines “trash” and using an expletive to express his frustration. For pushing send on that tweet, Edwards was handed an indefinite suspension from Big Ten Network, where he serves as an analyst.

But that suspension hasn’t kept Edwards off Twitter, nor did he walk back his statement or apologize. Instead, the former Wolverine doubled down on his statement and ripped the program again.

“So funny that everyone is worried my tweet as opposed to the real issue,” Edwards wrote. “0-17 on the road against ranked opponents, 1-6 against rivals and the one win was against a 3-9 MSU. Las thing I will ask and really think about this before you get mad…is Michigan better than Iowa?”

Yeah, could luck not making Michigan fanbase mad with that question, Braylon.

During his Monday press conference, head coach Jim Harbaugh addressed Edwards’ tweets, calling them “disappointing.”