The cut-blocking associated with the triple-option offense is notoriously rough for defensive linemen, and Michigan DL Carlo Kemp got to experience it firsthand in Week 2.

By now, everyone is well aware of the outcome from the showdown with Army. After stalling out on many offensive drives and seeing the Black Knights push Michigan to the limit, the Wolverines came out with a win in double overtime. A field goal and clutch stop helped Jim Harbaugh and company escape with the win.

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Coming out of the bye week, the Wolverines are preparing for a trip to Wisconsin, but Kemp took time to reflect on the win over Army. During the Inside Michigan Football radio show Monday night, Kemp commented on being cut blocked 22 times during the game. He said he didn’t realize it was that much during the game, but it was one of the most draining games of his career.

Angelique Chengelis with The Detroit News shared Kemp’s comments:

It just goes to further prove that the score alone does not tell the full story from Week 2. The unique offense has a way of making life miserable for defenders, and now Kemp knows firsthand what a nightmare it can be.