They say Father Time is undefeated, but Tom Brady may have the best chance at ending his winning streak.

Brady is 42 and has been in the NFL for soon-to-be his 20th year. Still, he’s considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and is cranking out Super Bowl titles without much trouble. Even current Detroit Lions defensive back Darius Slay is impressed with the longtime quarterback.

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The Lions and Patriots recently did battle in a preseason game, allowing Slay a first-hand look at Brady. When it was all said and done, the CB had some pretty complimentary words about the six-time Super Bowl winner.

Here’s Slay’s hilarious interaction with Kyle Meinke of

Brady continues to impress, even at 42. He’s showed no signs of slowing down, either.

If anyone can snap Father Time’s winning streak, Brady is most definitely the guy who could do it.