Jalen Rose knows a thing or two about Michigan basketball and is well-acquainted with Juwan Howard after the duo played alongside one another for the Wolverines. During Monday’s edition of “Jalen & Jacoby,” Rose weighed in on the postgame incident involving Howard and Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard.

Rose said he looks at the “adults” in the situation and saw things both men will not want to do in the future:

“As I look at the adults in this situation – Juwan and Coach Gard,” said Rose, “They’re both going to look back at this scenario and tell themselves things they shouldn’t have done and things they won’t do moving forward.”

Rose then addressed Howard, admitting the Wolverines head coach deserved to be punished but not fired. Rose also worked in the fact that he felt Gard was trying to rub in the huge blowout win for the Badgers:

“Of course, Juwan deserves to be punished and he will be punished but I don’t believe this is a firable offense,” Rose explained. “First and foremost, when you’re waxing the Michigan Wolverines, you don’t necessarily have to call a timeout to rub it in. You can though…In the B1G, Michigan is the storied program in that conference. So when people beat us, they’re going to have an extra little enthusiasm to it.”

He finished off his dialogue by saying Gard will likely rethink trying to stop an upset coach in the handshake line in the future:

“When you’re walking past after you just beat Michigan and you see that the other head coach is upset,” continued Rose, “You know what you probably shouldn’t do that I don’t believe their head coach will do again? Impede their progress.”

Rose’s take is not surprising, and it is also not the first time he has had Howard’s back following a heated incident. Rose previously called Maryland’s Mark Turgeon “a weasel” after a heated moment involving the head coaches.