Jim Harbaugh shut down any rumors about him heading to the NFL on Monday. It was reported on Sunday that Harbaugh was drawing interest from multiple jobs.

Harbaugh made sure to clear the air and reaffirm his commitment to Michigan football for 2023. He thinks people will be pleased that he’ll be back for another year (via Mlive):

“There’s a lot of ‘that-time-of-year’ type of speculation. No man knows the future, but I think people think we’ve done a good job and people are pleased with the job we’ve done here at Michigan. They’re going to be very happy to learn that I’ll be back, enthusiastically, coaching the Wolverines in 2023.”

It’s hard to imagine that anyone isn’t happy with the job that Harbaugh has done at Michigan. After beating Ohio State two years in a row, the Wolverines are in a good place under Harbaugh.

Harbaugh had a message for those who aren’t happy with what he’s done too.

“And for those people who don’t approve of the job that we’ve done, or would rather see someone else coaching here, I think they’ll be most likely disappointed to learn that we’ll be back coaching the Wolverines in 2023,” said Harbaugh.