JJ McCarthy and Michigan’s offense rolled in a big way against Penn State. When the final whistle sounded, the Wolverines had rushed for over 400 yards and put up 41 points on the board.

So, what did it look like? According to McCarthy, head coach Jim Harbaugh labeled it a butt-kicking in a unique way.

“Like Coach Harbaugh said in the locker room, ‘It’s a butt-kicking in every which way a butt can be kicked,'” McCarthy revealed after the game.

McCarthy went on to say the offense knew almost immediately that the offense would be able to dominate the line of scrimmage against Penn State. The Nittany Lion defense “didn’t show us anything we haven’t seen before.”

Michigan is definitely beating its chest a little bit after that dominant win, but it’s not hard to understand why. The Wolverines blew this one open, especially after a chippy incident in the Big House tunnel at halftime.