JJ McCarthy made his second trip to East Lansing as a member of the Michigan program Saturday night. Needless to say, that 49-0 vs. Michigan State went much better than McCarthy’s first visit to Spartan Stadium.

As a true freshman in 2021, McCarthy played limited snaps as the backup to Cade McNamara. He did play well while completing 3-of-4 passes for 23 yards with a touchdown. He also rushed for 7 yards, but the Wolverines ultimately watched as the Spartans stormed back from 18 points down in a 37-33 win.

After Saturday’s win, McCarthy admitted the 2021 loss was on his mind as he packed for the trip to East Lansing. In the end, he opted to avoid living “in fear” of the past and went out to handle his business.

“That outcome of the game was definitely on my mind as I was packing the away bag to head up Friday night. I was looking at this shirt right here and I haven’t worn it since we lost that game,” said McCarthy about his outfit. “It was actually the first and only time I wore it. I just looked at it and was like you know I’m not gonna live in fear, I’m gonna wear this with pride and go out there with my boys. There’s so much growth in between those two points in time, but yeah. Just keeping the main thing the main thing and going out there and winning each snap.”

As a follow-up, McCarthy was asked if there was any personal importance in reclaiming Spartan Stadium and a winning series in the rivalry. The quarterback said that aspect wasn’t important but certainly felt good.

“It wasn’t of an importance but it felt damn good,” claimed McCarthy.

The QB was arguably at his best all season while tossing a career-high 4 touchdowns in another efficient performance Social media was taking it all in, clamoring for McCarthy to be added to the Heisman Trophy discussion throughout the game.

(H/T Brad Galli)