This is a rather serious claim that Michigan OL Jon Runyan brought up on Tuesday.

The Wolverines hit the road for a tough game in Happy Valley for Week 8. Unfortunately, Michigan lost that game in a nail-biting finish. It is also being claimed that some players took some cheap shots on Michigan’s quarterback.

According to Runyan, there was some dirty play going on in Saturday’s game against Penn State. Runyan claimed there were Nittany Lions players trying to gouge out the eyes of quarterback Shea Patterson during one QB sneak.

“On the TD – the QB sneak. I can’t believe it, but when we were down there and in the pile. I wasn’t in it, but Shea was getting his eyes gouged out in the scrum there,” said Runyan. “He was still fighting away even though people were digging in his eyes. Came to the sideline with tears all in his eyes because it was ridiculous to have people try and gouge your eyes out. But he kept fighting for us…awesome leader. We’ll do whatever we can to protect him.”

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Here’s the video of Runyan’s comments from Angelique Chengelis with the Detroit News: