Mazi Smith is awaiting a probable cause conference for his arrest stemming from an Oct. 7 traffic stop that resulted in a felony weapons charge being brought against the defensive lineman for the Wolverines.

Smith’s situation recently came to light. Despite occurring in October, Smith has remained an active member of the football program and has not been suspended by Michigan or head coach Jim Harbaugh.

A recent report by Samuel Dodge with has shed a bit more light on the details of the traffic stop involving Smith. According to Dodge’s report, Smith had a loaded Glock 19 during the traffic stop in question, along with two additional magazines on the night in question.


Samuel Dodge has since reported that Ann Arbor police have said the police report does not make it clear if the Glock was loaded or unloaded at the time of the incident.

One of those magazines was capable of holding twice the standard number of bullets for a Glock 19. The gun was also loaded with 24 rounds at the time of the traffic stop, per Dodge:

Smith, a Wolverine defensive tackle, had two magazines holding 15 and 30 bullets in his pocket, while his handgun was loaded with 24 rounds when he was pulled over, according to a Nov. 30 hearing in Washtenaw County 14A-1 District Court.

For now, Smith was cleared to participate in the B1G Championship Game against Purdue on a personal recognizance bond. He is expected to appear in a probable cause conference on Dec. 8.