Paul Finebaum had a lot to say about Michigan’s coaching situation and the possible NFL career Jim Harbaugh is reportedly looking into.

According to reports, Harbaugh has interviewed for the Denver Broncos vacancy and has emerged as a top candidate for the job. The Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals are also looking for a new head coach.

“If he can get an NFL job, and I say that because you guys lean on the experts, I’m an observer of the NFL. But, it’s obvious he wants to leave,” said Finebaum during an appearance on the KJM show. “When you’re a college coach, we are now Jan. 11 in another recruiting cycle… you can’t be flirting with every NFL franchise. You can shut that down in 2 seconds, that’s the easiest thing, and he hasn’t done that which tells me he wants out.”

“If he doesn’t get a job now, I think it’s going to be a very bad look for him. He survived the Minnesota Vikings deal,” Finebaum said about Harbaugh’s interviewing for an NFL job following the 2021 season. “But I fully expect Jim Harbaugh to leave if he gets the call from one of these NFL owners.”

Michigan repeated as B1G champions but ultimately fell short in the College Football Playoff semifinals. Following that hot stretch for the Wolverines, Harbaugh continues to generate a lot of buzz for a potential return to the NFL.

The landscape for the B1G will drastically change if Michigan decides to move forward with another coach.